Dressage ?

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Amber [JuMpEr] asked:

I dont do dressage but can you tell me some dressage things i could work on?
I already know the one where you are going in a huge circle then turn your sholders and kick at the rite time to make the horse go through the center of the circle in a straight line.
but what are others? please and thank you!

What problems would a tennessee walking horse have in training level dressage?

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mestenio_lara asked:

I want to know what challenges I am going to face if I want to train a full-blooded walker for dressage, and what are the differences between gaited dressage and regular dressage? Do they move differently than the classic dressage horses? Do they still trot? Please don’t tell me to consult an expert, already doing that but so far no one knows how to help though I’m still trying. Can’t find any books or websites on it iether….I’m just curious if its physically possible for them to do. Just how versatile are they? And how true is it that any horse can do training level dressage?

What is the difference between the 2007 dressage test intro B and the 2008 test intro B?

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tkt117 asked:

Obviously I am new to dressage. My horse has schooled and competed to level 2-3. But I want to do a dressage schooling show in October. I see that I can buy the tests for $25 online, but when I watch You Tube it looks like there is no difference between 2007 and 2008 tests. (At least for the Intro Level B test). Does anyone know? Thanks!

Does anyone know of a good way to soften a new Dressage saddle?

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PMU Owner asked:

I finally found an extra wide dressage saddle for my moose horse but it is so slippery. I haven’t had a new saddle in years and can’t remember how to break them in.

How much would you sell a dressage horse for?

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Ethan R asked:

My mother recently sold my dressage horse partner of 5 years. He was a Belgian Warmblood gelding trained to third level and ready to move to fourth. His father was Fraval, a very prominent sire. He was 17.1 and was a beautiful mover, top level quality for sure!! Years of professional training and was 9 years old. TOP LEVEL PROSPECT!

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