New or Used Saddle?

In a perfect world, every equestrian would ride a new and custom-made saddle boasting the finest leather and craftsmanship known to man.  Here on the planet Earth, inconvenient but inescapable economic concerns keep most of us separated from our dream saddles.

That doesn’t mean that we must spend all our hours on horseback in ill-fitting and poorly-made saddles.  With sufficient information and forethought, every rider can find a saddle that offers the most quality for the least cost.

The trick is to compromise selectively so that the overall quality of the saddle you ultimately choose is the best you can afford. One of the most worthwhile instances of such give-and-take is to sacrifice newness to gain quality, which is something far more important and enduring.

Newer Is Not Necessarily Better
There’s nothing wrong in wanting to buy a saddle that’s brand new and just waiting for you and your horse to make your very own.  If you can easily manage the price of a high-quality new saddle, the thought of purchasing a used one may not even cross your mind.  Yet even well-heeled shoppers can benefit from discriminating give-and-take.

The Instant Quality Boost
It’s really a question of upgrading quality—the quality of both the materials and the construction.  Although your finances may already allow you to purchase a good-quality new saddle, they can get you an even better-quality used one.   By shopping around, you may find a used custom-made saddle for the same price as a new high-end manufactured saddle.

If you have a stricter budget, selective compromising can offer the same benefits.  Instead of buying a low-quality new saddle, you can put yourself in the seat of a higher-quality used saddle.  If your financial situation limits your options to synthetic saddles, spending your dollars on a used one will give you more quality than you could afford in a newer version.

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The Illusion of the Leftover Lemon
Some of us are very resistant to the idea of purchasing a used English saddle.  This may be due to a common mistrust of previously owned goods.  After all, everyone knows someone who has bought a used car that turned out to be a lemon.  In this context, however, the saddle-automobile analogy does not apply.

Automotive technology includes intricate mechanical, electrical, and computer-based systems whose performance is notoriously tough to predict.  A used car that seems fine to the average driver may have serious and costly problems that are hard to pinpoint.

On an English saddle, trouble spots have nowhere to hide.  By inspecting a used saddle the same way you would examine a new one, you can discover how well-made and well-constructed it is. You can also see how much wear and tear it has suffered, because the evidence is there for your eyes, hands, and buns to detect.  By determining the saddle tree’s soundness, checking the stitching’s integrity, evaluating the leather’s condition, gauging the panels’ fullness, and performing all the other routine tests, you can make an accurate assessment of any used saddle.

Expand Your Quality Options
Purchasing a used saddle can give you and your horse a much better ride for your money.  It’s also an easy way to get that much closer to the saddle of your dreams.