Fitting the Female Rider

Anyone over the age of two knows that guys and gals are built differently, so it makes sense to expect that saddlemakers would keep this in mind when designing their products.  Unfortunately, there are very few manufacturers who produce saddles specifically for the female form, the majority of riders. That’s a shame, because it prevents far too many women from experiencing all the riding comfort, safety, and enjoyment that men take for granted.

Female-friendly saddles share the following features:

●    The seat supports the pelvic and seat bones by meeting them from underneath, so that the center of the seat matches the center of the pelvis. Saddles with narrow and male-centric twists force females to teeter-totter on the tender areas of their crotches with little support rather than sitting securely and comfily on their pelvises.

●    The seat’s twist tapers off gradually so the upper thighs and hip joints move more freely.

●    The pommel has a gentle rise to reduce friction on the soft tissue of the crotch.

●    The stirrup bars fall beneath the hip joints rather than under the legs to accommodate the female biomechanical alignment of the legs under the torso.

●    Seat padding protects delicate seat bones and provides enhanced comfort during times of cycle-related distress.

In Search of the Female-Friendly Fit

Companies that design English saddles to accommodate the female frame include Balance International Saddles and Synergist Saddles. Once you ride in a saddle that respects your anatomy, you won’t want to ride in anything else.

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