All-Purpose Saddle

The all-purpose or general purpose English saddle is the solution for equestrians who want to use only one saddle for riding on the flat as well as jumping on the rough.

As eventing encompasses the very different situations used in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping, this saddle works well for that discipline and is also known as an eventing saddle.

Trail, endurance, and casual riders also enjoy the all-purpose saddle.



The typical qualities of the All-Purpose Saddle are:

•    A deep seat provides comfort and security, and riders breaking in young or unpredictable horses appreciate the enhanced measure of safety.
•    Saddle flaps are long but forward, and padding supports the legs while jumping.  This design combines the forward flaps of a jumping saddle with the long, straight flaps of a dressage saddle.
•    Saddle flaps often include suede leg rolls that lock into the suede of riding breeches to prevent any slippage, promote good posturing, and provide closer contact.
•    Saddle leather is thin to optimize contact between the rider and horse.
•    Billet straps are shorter than those on a dressage saddle.

No one saddle can be all things to all riders. The all-purpose saddle is a compromise meant to straddle multiple disciplines, and it serves that goal particularly well for novice riders. The all-purpose saddle is a staple of lower-level competitions or amateur events.  Yet something is lost in every compromise, and very experienced riders may find that assuming the proper position at advanced levels is difficult in a general-purpose saddle.

Saddlemakers appreciate this distinction, and some of them address it in the most profitable way by marketing cheaper models as beginner saddles and costlier models as eventing saddles.  Others offer different versions of the same saddle, with slight modifications that favor one preferred activity over another.  There are even designs that feature quick-change options such as adjustable flaps. These possibilities are worth exploring, but the overriding aim should be to purchase a quality saddle that allows you to sit in a balanced and secure position.

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