Australian Stock Saddle

The Australian stock saddle (nicknamed the Aussie stock saddle) is a hybrid of sorts, boasting some of the best features of the English and Western saddles.  Known also as the stock poley Australian saddle for its pads (poleys), this saddle works best for pleasure, trail, and endurance riding and is popular among English riders.

That popularity traces to the saddle’s blending of positive English and Western characteristics to achieve the best of both worlds.  An Aussie stock saddle offers the close feel and forward-facing seat of the English saddle with the security of the Western saddle.

The typical qualities of the Australian Stock Saddle are:

•    Deep, padded seat mimics the Western seat and offers chair-like comfort and support.
•    The seat’s position is forward-facing like the English seat, which allows the rider to sit with feet before the center of balance and heels down. This posture is comfier because it distributes weight evenly to the thighs and buttocks.
•    Overall size and shape echoes the English saddle.
•    Padded blocks on the rear of the saddle flaps and kneepads (poleys) beneath the pommel protect the legs and kneecaps. They also help the rider stay in place while climbing and descending steep hills.
•    Some saddles have horns that are thinner versions of the Western ones.
•    Stirrups hang as long as those on English dressage saddles.
•    Fleece-lined panels borrowed from the English tradition provide more comfort.
•    Fenders reflect the Western influence.
•    The rigging is Western, and numerous D-rings anchor accessories and provisions necessary for long outings.

Australian Saddle Australian Saddle
Syd Hill Kimberly

Saddle photos courtesy of Downunder Saddle Supply

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