Jumping Saddle

The jumping saddle is the most direct descendant of the first true English saddles used for fox-hunting, and some models even include holders for hunting horns.

Also known as a forward seat or hunt seat, this saddle is ideal for riders who habitually hurdle the highest fences or obstacles.  Some of the activities best suited for the jumping saddle are show jumping, fox hunting, hunt-seat equitation, and the cross-country and stadium phases of eventing.

The typical qualities of the Jumping Saddle are:

•    Stirrup length is minimal, with stirrups hanging shorter than they would on an all-purpose saddle but not quite as short as racing stirrups.
•    Stirrup bars are more forward-facing than on an all-purpose saddle, as the stirrups are hung shorter and the balance is more forward.
•    Saddle flaps are generous and forward-facing to support the rider’s legs in the shorter stirrup length, especially while in a half-seat (bottom brushing the saddle) galloping stance or two-point (bottom completely out of seat) jumping position. Flaps may have supportive knee rolls, with the amount of padding addressing the varying needs of different activities.  There is more padding for cross-country and show jumping and less padding for hunt-seat equitation.
•    The flap-to-leg fit is crucial, especially when negotiating the highest fences in the advanced jumping events. If the flap or its padding forces the knees too far forward or backward, the rider’s balance will suffer.
•    The seat is comparatively flat, to allow for the quick and often mid-air positional changes necessary when jumping.
•    A relatively low pommel and cantle allow for an unobstructed jumping position.
•    Traditional jumping saddles usually have three short billets comparable to those on all-purpose saddles.  Newer models such as the monoflap jumping saddle, however, are more similar to the dressage saddle, with longer billets that keep bulk tucked out of the way of the rider’s legs.

Although appropriate for soaring over fences and around obstacle courses, the jumping saddle does now work well for extended periods on the flat.

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