Polo Saddle

History credits the British with the worldwide popularity of polo, so of course there’s an English saddle designed specifically for this ancient sport.  When you’re trying to swing a mallet at a ball while riding a speeding horse, you need a saddle that will make the task as easy and safe as possible.

The typical qualities of the Polo Saddle are:

•    The seat is relatively flat, as a deeper one would hold back the player and cut response time when trying to twist around to aim the mallet.
•    Padding is minimal or nonexistent beneath the legs, allowing those limbs to maneuver quickly and freely.  Calf or thigh blocks would prevent the legs from swinging forward or backward while reacting to the play of the game.
•    Long saddle flaps suit the longer leg position.  Although relatively straight, the flaps are more forward than the ones on a dressage saddle.
•    Stirrup irons are heavy and stirrup leathers are wide and thick to safeguard the player while standing in the stirrups.
•    A breastplate, tie-down, and overgirth may be used for additional security and safety.

Persians were most likely playing polo more than two thousand years ago, but saddle technology has made the mounted game much safer for the modern horse and rider.

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