Show Saddle

The English show saddle is the strapless bikini top of the equestrian world, designed to show off a horse’s conformation to its best advantage, particularly in the shoulder area. It shares the flat seat of its closest relative, the hunting saddle, and its minimalist look keeps the focus squarely on the animal.

The typical qualities of the Show Saddle are:

•    Everything about the saddle is streamlined and close-fitting, to allow the horse’s conformation to grab all the attention.  The seat is very flat, and there are no knee rolls or thigh rolls.
•    Stirrup bars are located farther forward than the ones on most English saddles, as both the seat and the rider’s posture are forward-racing.
•    The saddle flaps are straight-cut to achieve a trimmer look that does not detract from the horse’s qualities.
•    The cutback on the pommel is not over the withers as on other saddles but behind that area, so that the shoulder conformation is visible.
•    The location of the billets matches a somewhat rounder conformation, as show horses generally maintain a less athletic condition than horses performing in more energetic disciplines.

Show saddles are ideal for showcasing a horse’s body and movement, but they have little practical use for more strenuous activities.  The horse-hugging contours reflect a lack of padding that offers little comfort to the rider during extended outings, and the flat seat provides limited security while negotiating rough terrain.

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